Video is a powerful tool. Technological advances are giving companies, institutions and organizations new opportunities to use it. Batavia Media is an independent Danish Film and TV-production company. Since 2001 we've produced hundreds of videos, ranging from documentary to corporate image films. Our main focus today is educational videos and we often work together with universities, secondary schools, teachers' associations and public institutions. Our aim is to be a reliable and creative partner who can assist our clients in unleashing the power of video on the internet. Our team is composed of professionals with a whelm of different backgrounds: journalists, video-editors, photographers and designers. We develop ideas for projects, write manuscripts, direct the whole process from recording to editing and mastering of the final film. Our backlist contains international productions from countries like Vietnam, Bolivia, South Africa and Tanzania. Do you want to get in touch? Write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vi har lang erfaring med produktion af læremidler. Til grundskolen, gymnasiet, erhvervsskole og andre uddannelser.

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Vi laver også web-portaler. Både design og indhold.

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